How to Solve Data Management Challenges

In the modern world of digital marketing having accurate, clean data is paramount to creating targeted campaigns and automated systems that convert leads to become customers. Without the appropriate tools, processes, and procedures in place businesses can be faced with a myriad of challenges in managing data that can lead to costly missteps.

One of the most significant issues with managing data is dealing with poor and inconsistent processes across the entire enterprise. Inadequate data management can result in mistakes and inefficiency which affect the organization’s overall efficiency and effectiveness. Poor data management can result in serious consequences for the business, whether due to data loss, breaches, or poor quality information or slow access.

Companies can overcome these issues by adopting a integrated approach to data management that takes into consideration the entire ecosystem of data. This approach combines technological solutions, such as data integration platforms, analytics software, and organizational change like process improvement and training. By incorporating natural language processing (NLP), machine learning models, and other data management tools can help transform unstructured data into useful, structured data, automate tasks and increase overall efficiency.

Rockwool International is a global producer and supplier of stone wool solutions, which include wall and facade systems as well as industrial and technical insulation. Data management issues affected its global expansion. The company was required to improve data flow as well as reduce siloed systems to attain a single view of product and supplier master data while adhering to global regulations. It implemented Informatica Intelligent Cloud Integration Services and created a unified platform for global data management, which has accelerated its digital transformation.